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Annual Physicals Specialist

Kimberlee D Decker, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC -  - Family Nurse Practitioner

Total Family Care

Kimberlee D Decker, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC

Family Nurse Practitioner & Family Practice located in Lewistown, MT

Annual physicals are the foundation of good health and an area of focus for Kimberlee Decker, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, of Total Family Care in Lewistown, Montana. If you’re overdue for an annual physical exam, take the time to schedule a visit today. Online booking is one option, or you can always call to speak with a friendly member of the administrative staff to find a time that fits your schedule.

Annual Physicals Q&A

What are annual physicals?

Annual physicals are the starting point for great health. These once-a-year appointments are setting the routine for health screenings and gathering of basic vital signs to ensure your optimal well-being. 

During your visit, your practitioner records your height and weight. Additional assessments might include checks of your:

  • Heart rate
  • Breathing function  
  • Reflexes
  • Skin condition
  • Vision
  • Blood pressure

Your provider adds all of this data to your permanent medical record. Over time, this living document becomes an invaluable resource for tracking changes over time. 

Why see a healthcare professional if I’m not sick?

Far too many people only schedule a medical exam once they’re experiencing symptoms of an injury or disease. This approach fails to take advantage of the many benefits of preventive health care. 

Annual physicals are an opportunity for your practitioner to perform the health screenings appropriate for your age, sex, and overall health condition. These tests check for signs of disease and can catch areas of concern in the earliest possible stages when treatment is often most effective. 

You’ll also have an opportunity to ask questions and express concerns during your visit. Wondering whether you should add supplements to your diet? Thinking of starting a new diet or exercise plan? Your annual physicals are the place to get professional guidance. 

In addition to routine annual physicals, Kimberlee Decker, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC of Total Family Care in Lewistown, Montana, also offers sports physicals, DOT physicals, and other specialized exams for adults and children. 

How can I prepare for my annual physicals?

A bit of preparation can help you make the most of your annual physicals. Begin by creating a written list of all medications and supplements you’re currently taking. If you’ve not been a patient at Total Family Care for long, you should also prepare an overview of your personal and family health history, including conditions you’ve been treated for in the past. 

It’s also helpful to think about what you’d like to achieve from your visit. If you have questions, writing them down can help ensure you don’t forget to cover any important topics. Having a notepad on hand is also helpful if you need to write down any instructions or guidance from your practitioner. 

If you are having blood work done as part of your exam, you may receive instructions on how to limit your diet in the hours before your appointment. Following those essential guidelines enables your provider to get the most accurate overview of how well your body is functioning. 

When you’re ready to book your next annual physical, call or use the online scheduling tool to set up a visit at Total Family Care.